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Sign up

  • Use the "Create new account" link on the login page: to auto-register yourself as a new platform user
    Sign-in user,pass createNew.JPG
    • Use a valid email address as your future username /do not use shared or group emails/
    • Enter your name /enter person name, do not use group names, numbers, and similar instead of personal names - important when working in projects with other people/
    • Upon completion, an email with an account confirmation link will be sent to your inbox
  • Alternatively create a new account by using the "SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE" button.
    • This flow will link a newly created account with a chosen Google account /you will not need to type user name+pass anymore/
      Create new google user.jpg
  • A new user can also be created by other existing users sending an invitation to the new person from access granting wizards
    • all the flows in the system which allow granting access to someone (e.g. sharing tracking, adding admins, or assigning project access) also offer an option of inviting/adding a brand new user typing a new email address
      User invite dialogue.jpg
    • in this case invitation/account confirmation email is sent to the new user
      User invite email.jpg

Sign in

  • Once completely registered you can log in
    • either using your username and password
    • or using the "Sign in with Google" functionality
      Sign-in user-pass.JPG

Password reset

  • you can reset your password using the "Forget password ?" link on the "Sign In" form if needed
    • for resetting the password enter your login address
      Sign-in reset password request.JPG
    • a reset password link will be sent to your email address
      Sign-in reset password retype.JPG

User/Person profile

  • You can modify personal details and preferences on your user profile detail
    • modify your password if needed
    • manage (add/remove) linked Google Account(s)
    • adjust other preferences
      User profile google auth.JPG